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Face painting. Probably something most kids have had done at one time or another, unless they’re either allergic, or their parents are clean freaks. Cos, let’s face it, it can get a bit messy once running around, food and drink become involved. But, it can cost a fortune to hire a professional to come to your party, or to buy a full kit of colours, ideas books, sponges, brushes…  Weekend Box Club, the subscription club bringing you fun activities for your little ones have teamed up with Snazaroo, makers of top-quality face paints,  and have come up with a really clever idea so you can paint faces happily in your own home (even your own face, if you really want!) without spending a fortune on a full kit: the Snazaroo Weekend Box!


Snazaroo Weekend Box Club Face Paint kit


What is the Snazaroo Weekend Box?

The Sanzaroo Weekend Box is a little pack of magic! Inside the box (cleverly addressed to your child!) is a mini theme pack of face paints, plus a pack of birthday party face paint stamps.  Also, as part of the box, there is a certificate to colour and cut out for when your little one finishes the activity inside the Weekend Box.



Snazaroo have thought of everything. For such a tiny pack, it contains all you need to decorate up to 16 faces! There are three paint colours, a little brush, a sponge and the sponge holder becomes a water holder when you are ready to paint. Also, there are step-by-step visual instructions on how to recreate the look featured on the pack.



The Paint Stamp Kit contains three colours of paint and three stamps.



What did we think of the Snazaroo Weekend Box?

The Snazaroo Weekend Box had several plus points:

  • The face painting itself was so easy! Well, once you’ve managed to get the plastic covering off the paints, that is! The step-by-step picture instructions are clear and make it easy to know what to do when.
  • The paint went on nicely and gave a good coverage in little time – always useful when you have an impatient child!
  • It was really handy to have everything you need in one place: sponge, brush, paints and water.
  • Small loved the little paint stamps, and these would be easy for little ones to do themselves.



  • The size is very portable, and it’s the kind of thing you could whip out if ever stuck with bored children and they’d instantly cheer up!
  • I hardly seemed to use any paint, so it would last a good while, I think.
  • The face paints are fragrance-free, formulated to be gentle on the skin and are suitable for those with sensitive skin.
  • The price! (Details below)



Any minus points?

  • Well, yes. Sadly. Despite claiming to be ‘hassle-free’ to wash off, I found that even after scrubbing with a damp microfibre cloth and a baby wipe (known to remove all known traces of everything, ever!), Small still had a somewhat yellowy-green face. Good job she was having a bath. But, I kind of think it’s to be expected with any face paint, in my experience.



I think the Weekend Box is a fab idea, and combining it with these Snazaroo mini themed kits is great fun and something a bit different from the usual crafts/gardening/recipes.

The Snazaroo mini themed kits are available in five vibrant themes – Summer, Carnival, Halloween, Christmas and Easter, so there’s something for any time of year. The colourful summer packs include a fun Festive Mask (made up of bright pink, white and royal blue) and a Jester (featuring grass green, white and purple). The kits are priced at £2.99 individually – a bargain!

The Weekend Box Club can be found here.


Disclosure: We were sent a Snazaroo Weekend Box for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own – and Small’s!



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