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On Tuesday 24th October, Big, Small and I ventured down to London’s Leicester Square to see the Stick Man live show at the Leicester Square Theatre. It’s been a while since we’ve been to the theatre, the last time being when Small was about two, to see We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. Things in our world have changed considerably since then, with Small receiving a diagnosis of autism at the age of three and we haven’t dared try the theatre since, as she isn’t too keen on sitting for long!


Read our review of the Stick Man live show at Leicester Square Theatre! Amazing show for little ones - and big ones too!

Our big day out…



We arrived in London by train and jumped on the Tube to Leicester Square, where we found somewhere for a bite to eat before the show.



The theatre was just around the corner; we almost missed it as it has a tiny frontage, but, luckily for us, Big spotted the board advertising the Stick Man live show outside!



After collecting our tickets, we waited outside for a few minutes with several other families joining the excitable throng, hoping for the doors to open so we could go and find our seats.


Once we were inside, we went down the stairs and into the theatre, which was cozy and had a well-stocked bar for snacks and drinks. We picked up some chocs and popcorn and headed to our seats.



Small was very excited! I made sure we read the story of Stick Man, by the fabulous Julia Donaldson, the night before so that it would be fresh in her mind, but, as it turned out, the show was much, much more than a simple re-enactment of the book.


Once the show began, three performers came out on stage, singing to a song played on a ukelele. It made us smile from the word go, with their funny noises and moves.



The set, as is often the case with these performances, was incredibly simple, with just one main structure plus several props and musical instruments. Big really liked this, and was fascinated with how inventive the cast were being with the set! In fact, the entire performance was incredibly musical, with plenty of singing and dancing and music to represent sounds and conversation.


Here is a video from the production company (we weren’t allowed to take our own photos and videos, sadly!)



Small had actually fallen asleep about five minutes before the show started (what a great review this could have been…) but she woke up again a few minutes in. I was worried she might be a little scared, not knowing what was going on, but her eyes lit up and a huge smile appeared on her face! Once she had fully come round, she jumped off my lap so she could dance and wiggle to the music, and she loved calling out, clapping and joining in. Even Big, who likes to pretend he’s too cool, was bobbing away to the music!


The performance is very interactive with the audience and you are encouraged to join in at different parts during the show. It’s great for younger kids, as there’s plenty of repetition in the story, and the performance is a fantastic sensory experience – very visual and musical. The songs stuck in our heads all the way home!


If you want a show that’s fun, funny (with some jokes for the adults!) and totally engaging, Stick Man is for you. I snuck a look around at the theatre behind me during the show, and all I could see were little faces turned up to the stage, utterly enraptured! The Stick Man live show is perfect for little ones – and big ones too!


Stick Man Live is a brilliant show to take the kids to see - read our review here!


Thanks to Families UK for the family ticket to the show!

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I absolutely love Stick Man. I’d love to see it live on stage. Will look out for it when I’m next in London :o)