Still No School Place And I’m Having a Wobble

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I’m having a wobble. The school saga is still ongoing. We are still in limbo, waiting to hear from our second-choice school as to whether they will offer Tink a place. Our first choice, the fantastic ASD-specific school local to us turned us down. Their reason was, frankly, bull***t, but, in a way, it works better that way in case we decide to appeal the decision, which I think we will if our second choice also says no.

However, the longer this drags on (6 months and counting now), the more I question whether this is the right thing for Tink. 

Despite the lack of a suitable setting (and school are still being fantastic with their limited support and resources) and despite the fact I still haven’t got my own act together in terms of formulating some sort of plan for working on things at home, Tink is making good progress. Her speech continues to improve noticeably, her communication is getting better. Her social skills, while still severely lacking, are growing and she’s as bright as a button, picking new things up so quickly, especially physical skills. She is still somewhat demand-avoidant, but we are learning ways to deal with this and she is becoming more amenable to suggestions!

Her Granddad was watching her at her activity club, and commented on how she was joining in, not just doing her own thing as usual. He said, “it just shows that given the right setting, she will flourish.”

Yes. Yes, she will. I know it. But what is the right setting? 

The truth is, I’m just not sure anymore. The delay has given me too much thinking time (as well as the sleepless nights; it’s currently the early hours as I write this!). Everyone involved in Tink’s education agreed that a special school was the way to go. But was that because we did a really good job of convincing them that’s what we thought was best? Surely not. After all, they are the professionals, with experience, observations and reports to refer to. We know that mainstream isn’t quite right for her, so even a resource base, although much more focused on her individual needs, would still have the aim of returning her to mainstream education at some point. We’re not ruling this out, of course, but, for now, it’s not what she needs.

I think the point I’m trying to make is that I can’t really see her anywhere at the moment. And I can’t home educate her; I just wouldn’t have a clue where to begin, although I know there are some fabulously helpful groups, both online and in the real world that could help with that. I don’t think I could do a good enough job. I don’t have the patience! Give me a room full of other people’s’ children rather than one of my own to teach any day! Hopefully, any day now, we will hear some news, so at least we won’t be stuck in this frustrating state of limbo.

There are plans to open ‘nature schools‘ not too far from our area. Can you imagine? Tink would absolutely love that..!

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Ann from Rainbows are too beautiful

Our middle is specialist. Our eldest is mainstream… but he’ll be out of primary soon and we don’t think a mainstream secondary will work but there is no suitable secondary setting that I can find. It’s all such a mission all the time. I hope this gets sorted out for you soon. Thanks so much for linking this to #spectrumsunday xx