Stop Making Excuses Woman – Giving Myself A Good Talking To!

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I went for a bike ride yesterday, my first solo ride since having my bike. It was a beautiful day; the sun was shining in a cloudless sky, and it was so mild. Warm, actually, in the sun. A perfect day for riding.

But I almost didn’t go. I knew I should. I’ve had my bike for a few weeks, but, due to rubbish weather, I haven’t ridden much at all. I need the exercise. Like, really need it. And yet, as I sat on my fat arse on the sofa, watching Phil and Holly, I was rifling through my mental file of excuses for not going, and finding that they weren’t really valid at all…

  • I have to go pick Small up from nursery. (Not for two hours – plenty of time for a ride.)
  • I’ve had a shower this morning and I’ll get all sweaty. (So have another quick one – it’ll take two minutes!)
  • I’ve not ridden on my own before. (So? You have to some time – may as well be today!)

You get the picture.

The fact is, if anything involves a bit of effort, I’ll look for an excuse. I’m lazy. There. I said it. I’m really struggling to get motivated to do anything lately. My healthy eating pledge flew out of the window sometime in mid-January because I caught some sort of chesty-cold virus thing and “I can’t eat salad when I feel ill.” Unfortunately, it lasted a few weeks, so I put back on the weight I had managed to lose (and a bit more, probably!).

When I stopped working, I had visions of me doing plenty of de-cluttering and cleaning the house from top to bottom. Yeah. So… I was waiting to get Christmas out of the way. Then it was my birthday. Now it’s Small’s birthday… See? Excuse after lame excuse. In all honesty, what I want to do most days is veg on the sofa, reading, napping, bingeing on box sets…

But then, yesterday, I had something of an epiphany.

I realised I need to stop being such a lazy cow, get off my backside and actually do stuff. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? And it is! I have been using my favourite, go-to excuse that I am so, so tired for far too long. Yes, I am tired. Exhausted, actually. But yesterday I forced myself to go for that bike ride and it felt great! I felt great! Well, actually, I felt like crap immediately after, as I am so unfit, but I did feel re-energised. I realised that if I make the effort, I’ll reap the rewards. It’s not rocket science, really, is it?!

So, this is the new me. I’m going to go out on the bike often. I’m going to get cracking on the housework. I’m going to sort my diet out. Tomorrow, after I’ve finished this box of chocolates I still have left from Christmas… Oh, hang on…!

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