The Story of the Amber Beads and Growing Independence

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When Tink was a tiny baby, I came across amber beads as a solution to teething problems. I had no idea if they worked, but they looked pretty and they went nicely with the babywearing, so I ordered some. Initially, I put them around her ankle and ordered a second set for her wrist. She did look cute and – bonus! – she never really suffered from any teething pain, excess dribble, rosy cheeks or any of those other tell-tale signs of teething. Coincidence? Who knows. I can’t say it was the amber, but I can’t say it wasn’t.


Eventually, when she was a little older, I put the beads around her neck, and they have remained there ever since, only taken off a few times for Preschool as I was asked to for safety reasons. She never seemed bothered by them, never pulled at them – they were just there – her ‘thing’.



And then, a couple of weeks ago, Tink came to me, tugging at the beads around her neck.


Take it off?” she said.


And a little piece of me felt so sad. Clearly, she wasn’t as attached to the beads as I was. Part of me wanted to say ‘no’, but how could I? My daughter had come to me and asked, verbally, to remove her necklace. She had told me that she had an opinion, that she wasn’t happy about something, and she knew how to remedy that. She just needed my help to do it.


So, of course, I removed the necklace. And now I’m wearing it around my wrist. And I’m cheering the fact that my clever girl is getting more independent, knows her own mind – and is able to express it!



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3 Comments on "The Story of the Amber Beads and Growing Independence"

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Well done Tink! It’s lovely to read about our children gaining a little bit more independence, it always reminds me that they are very individual and will take their own path, at their own pace x


Awwww beautiful TInk. Growing so quickly and loving the speech. I love hearing about you!


Beautiful girl and independent moves are always a bit bitter-sweet. Love amber as it goes and wear my late Mum’s amber necklace when I need her with me in spirit. Lovely post. #ThMMLinky