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Why I’ll Be Swimming into 2018!

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At the start of this year, I made some resolutions (which is not something I usually do!), and the first two were ‘lose weight’ and ‘exercise more’. As I could have predicted, it didn’t go according to plan; Christmas hasn’t even happened yet and I’m already worrying about my waistline. I did so well losing weight earlier this year, but it all went to pot a couple of months ago when the seasonal bugs began to hit. I always find it so hard to eat healthily when I’m not well! I just want all the carbs! And then the festive goodies began appearing on the supermarket shelves and, subsequently, in my trolley, (not to mention all the baking I’ve been doing with the kids lately!) and I just thought it wasn’t worth even trying to tackle things again until after Christmas.



However, this week, I’ve needed my big, warm winter coat… and it’s a bit snug. And so was my back-up coat. The shame. That’s the result of too many early mince pies.


So, even though we still have the big day to come, and all the delicious food to come along with it, I am already thinking about how I’m going to tackle my too-small coat problem in the new year. One option (and don’t think I haven’t considered it) is to buy a new coat. But, I know that’s just a cop out and really, I need to focus on getting healthier again in January.


One problem that I have is old-lady joints. I’ve had a bad hip for years, and now the other hip is beginning to twinge too. I also have dodgy knees and my left foot is painful. I’m a bit of a mess! All this means that many types of exercise are pretty much impossible for me to do. Luckily for me, the one thing I do love to do (and need to do much, much more of) is swimming.



Swimming is so much gentler on my joints that higher impact activity such as running or gym classes. I find it’s both invigorating and relaxing at the same time, if that’s possible! The only real problem I have with swimming is finding suitable plus size swimwear – as a cuddlier mummy, I need a cozzie that’s supportive, well-fitting, flattering, practical and gives me a bit of shape, but that isn’t frumpy and boring!



speedo plus size swimwear

I’m liking this Speedo Sculpture Pureglow cozzie!


Gone are my days of wearing a bikini, and even a tankini runs the risk of errant tum peeping out, so I think I’ll treat myself to a new costume in the post-Christmas slump, in the hope of giving myself the boost I need to get back in the pool. At the start of this year, I was determined to do something about the bingo wings, mum tum, and wobbly thighs so that I wouldn’t feel ashamed when taking the kids swimming, or worse, not take them swimming at all. I may not have succeeded yet, but if I can find the right swimming costume that makes me feel confident, I’m hoping it will give me the push I need to sort out a wellbeing routine that works for me in 2018.


What’s your favourite way to exercise? Let me know in the comments in case there’s something I haven’t thought to try!



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