Turning Tears Into Smiles With Elastoplast’s New Plasters!

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We love being outdoors. My children are definitely at one with nature. Well, Small is, at least. She’s never happier than if she’s in the garden digging in the mud (it used to be grass until Small!), playing garden games, hiding in her play house, shooting down the slope on her balance bike, playing on her slide or her favourite thing ever, her trampoline.



Big used to like being outside, but now he has an Xbox so… When he actually makes the effort, he loves it too; we go camping and, if there are other kids` on the site for him to befriend, we barely see him until it’s dark, as he runs around with them, playing football and hide and seek. Being outdoors is fab, but there are times when accidents happen, and those bumps and bruises need some attention, and that’s where Elastoplast can come to the rescue!



We’ve all heard of Elastoplast, but did you know they’ve been around since 1924? Their products are sold across the globe and not only include the familiar plasters and wound dressings, but also products to aid foot problems, sports injuries and strains and pains. This summer, Elastoplast are celebrating the benefits of outdoor play and are encouraging parents to find ways to turn those tears into smiles, with the help of their funky new plasters!


elastoplast plasters

Small is forever falling over and bumping herself – she throws herself around with little care and has no sense of danger whatsoever! When my kids acquire those inevitable bumps and scrapes, the first and most important thing is a hug. Nothing quite beats a mummy-cuddle when you’re feeling rubbish, does it (and it still applies when you’re 40, trust me!)? If that doesn’t get them smiling, we move on to tickling. Small actually asks to be tickled, so this usually helps dry the tears. Oh, and of course, don’t forget the ‘magic kisses’! Then, of course, there’s good old food-bribery. If I mention the words ‘chocolate’ or ‘ice cream’, all thoughts of pain and sadness tend to evaporate and I’ll get a big cheer and a big grin!


Small absolutely loves Bing Bunny from the telly, and copies much of what happens in the show. Recently, she’s been trapping her fingers (on purpose!) in the letterbox, then coming to me to say “I need a plaster!” She loves bright, colourful plasters, so the new Frozen character range from Elastoplast are perfect for cheering her up whether she’s hurt herself for real, or whether she’s pretending! And Big is pretty impressed by the collectible Star Wars plasters, as Star Wars is his latest favourite thing (to play on the Xbox, at least!).



So, this summer, don’t worry about those bumps and scratches – Elastoplast has it covered! Get outside and play and, if there are tears, find a way to turn them into smiles! Artist Lorraine Loots literally turns children’s tears into smiles, by using them to create miniature watercolour stories – so cute!



This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsIntoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast http://campaigns.elastoplast.net/plastermoments/uk.  In return, we were gifted a couple of packs of plasters to try out, as well as a garden game to get us outside and playing.

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