The Monday Motivation Linky #9 – Mastering the Art of Adulting

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Adulting. It’s a bit crap, sometimes, isn’t it? I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find myself in a situation and look around for the nearest adult to sort it out, only to realise that it’s me! In my head I’m about 18. It’s just a shame my body isn’t far off 41…

There’s just so much involved with being an adult. Mostly thinking about others before yourself and doing adulty things like paying bills, arranging insurance and looking for a suitable plumber. And then there’s running a home, keeping it clean and tidy and feeding other people to keep them alive… It’s never-ending, this adulting stuff!

But, adulthood shouldn’t just be about the serious stuff, should it? Surely we grown-ups deserve some fun and some time to enjoy living too? I’m always looking for ways to make the most of my time (and share it with you, lovely readers!) so that I can squeeze in a bit of fun amongst the housework and shopping.

So, I’m really excited to have found ‘Mastering the Art of Adulting‘, which is released on 1st November.



Written by J M Byrne, of the fabulous ‘The Yorkshire Pudding‘ website, (which is packed full of resources for mums like you and me and is fast becoming my go-to place for help with mumming and life!), Mastering the Art of Adulting uses Passive Home Management tips and tricks to help give you:

·         Time to spend quality time with your family

·         Time to spend with your friends

·         Doing things you actually enjoy, not the things that must be done

·         Putting yourself first

·         Saving hundreds every year with minimal effort and maximum return

·         Having time to do nothing…..

What if you could manage your home in less than 4 hours each week?

Imagine if it were possible to have a home so organised that you know where everything is, instantly?

What if you had so much free time that you could actually start that side business you wanted to start, get a membership to that class or take up that new hobby?

Mastering the Art of Adulting promises to give you the tools you need to actually do these things! It is designed to be picked up, used and put back down. With minimal philosophy, you can learn and understand each step, implement it and move onto the next process. Creating your dream home and lifestyle, yourself.

The book will not:

·         Inundate you with too much information

·         Do the work for you (sorry! That’d be magic now wouldn’t it….)

·         Solve world political problems

·         Make your children eat their greens….

It does include:

·         Four-part, structured process to follow

·         An introduction to intentional living and passive home management

·         Strategies for managing all the mundane tasks that tie you down

·         Simple steps to create a safer home for you and your family

·         Life hacks that really work

·         Systems to manage things coming in and out of the house to avoid clutter

·         Printables to support each step of the process

·         Unlimited access to a bonus library chock-full and ever-increasing

·         One to one email aftercare if you need it


Mastering the Art of Adulting with this brilliant ebook. Packed with tips, tricks and techniques to help you manage your life and kick adulting in the ass!



Sounds pretty bloody fab, doesn’t it? But, don’t just take my word for it – here are some testimonials from mums who have already tried it out.

I can’t wait for 1st November – I’m straight on it! If it sounds good to you too (and why wouldn’t it?!) then you can get your copy here. priced at £19.99.

But, until then, why not grab your FREE Life Balance Workbook to complete in the meantime?

Adulting. We can do this!!


Disclosure: If this sounds a bit like a sales pitch, it’s because it kind of is! The links in this post are affiliate links, which simply means I get a little bit of commission for every time a purchase is made through my links. It doesn’t cost you any extra, but helps me out! However, I genuinely wouldn’t be an affiliate for a product I didn’t believe in and I really can’t wait to get stuck into the book!


On to the linky! I’m this week’s host, so you can add your links below. I’m loving reading all the brilliant posts we’re getting each week, but we still want more! So, please share the linky with friends and encourage people to join in. Doesn’t have to be a full-on blog post, just an Instagram picture is fab.

My two favourite posts from last week’s linky were:

This one from Rainbows Are Too Beautiful about her son connecting with autistic characters on TV shows;

And this from Chaos in Kent about how we can do anything but not everything – a lesson I am learning!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful posts with us!


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Steph Curtis

OOoooh sounds like just what I need. And every other mum apart from supermum… it’s bound to be a bestseller! #TheMMLinky

Donna Giles

Book sounds great – certainly will be looking into

Carol Cameleon

Wow, this sounds pretty amazing! Look forward to hearing how you get on. Thanks for hosting #TheMMLinky

Ann from Rainbows are too beautiful

Thanks for the mention Kel. Glad you liked the post. xx

Adelaide Dupont

I like the mix of intentional and passive in this book and the sheets to follow. #themmlinky

And I do agree: adulting is thinking of others before yourself – if your childhood and adolescence hasn’t indoctrinated you into forgetting how.


Oh this looks fab, will definitely be looking at this when it launched