You Did What?! Things We Didn’t Dare Tell Our Parents!

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I have a confession to make.

I’ve recently had a tattoo. It’s not my first, but my only other one was 17 years ago and never sees the light of day now my body is heading for middle age and stays covered! I’ve had it almost a month, but I still haven’t told my parents. Until now, that is, as they read all my blogs… So, yeah, Mom, Dad, I had another tattoo!

Here it is!

It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? I’m a 40-year-old woman. It’s my body and I’m not ashamed – tattoos are so common these days you’re almost weird if you don’t have one. But, there’s just something holding me back from telling them (face to face, at least!); I don’t know what it is – worry, maybe, about their possible disapproval as this one is much more obvious (but can still be hidden, hence why they don’t know yet!)? It’s too late now though!

I got to thinking: why are we so afraid of telling our parents and loved ones about things that we’ve done, even as fully-fledged adults? It must be the fear of disapproval, right? so, sure I’m not the only one to feel that way, I asked some friends if they had any deep, dark secrets that they’ve kept hidden from Mom and Dad, and here are the (anonymous!) answers…

Joining me in the ‘Secret Tattoo‘  club is M, who had a tattoo at 27 and didn’t tell her parents for a while, and L, who got a tattoo on her wrist in 2009… and her Dad still doesn’t know! (Or if he does, he’s never mentioned it) Another L has three tattoos (first one at 16) and a belly button piercing (at 15) and her parents have no idea! She’s petrified that her children will mention them in passing and tries to change the conversation whenever tattoos are mentioned!

Also hiding a piercing is M, who had hers done at the tender age of 33 – and her Dad still doesn’t know, and J waited for her parents to go away for the weekend when she was 17, then got her tongue pierced, while her younger sister went for a belly button piercing! Her parents were not happy when they got home and found out!

Something many of us fear our parents discovering is that we smoke. Mine found out when I and my friends were busted by a teacher at school! Of course, I didn’t stop until years later, but convinced myself my parents never knew, because chewing gum and Impulse disguise everything, don’t they?! (Or maybe I’ve just outed myself for a second time? Sorry, Mom and Dad, I did smoke, but those days are long gone now and I hate it as much as you!). C also quit, but then started up again and was afraid her parents would find out, even though she’s all grown up! The shame!

It’s not cool, kids.

J is ashamed to tell her parents that she goes to Slimming World! She doesn’t want to have conversations with them about her weight, or feel pressured to ‘perform’, and thinks her parents will scrutinize every little thing she eats or does if they find out. It’s a shame if she really feels they’d be that way; my parents are incredibly supportive of my weightloss efforts – I am lucky!

D told me about a friend of hers who bought a motorbike at the age of 30 and never told his Dad, who was very against them. He even kept it at a friend’s so he wouldn’t find out. He’s now 43, and his Dad is none the wiser! That can’t have been easy to hide.

L’s mum doesn’t even know that she has a blog! She’s been blogging since 2011 and makes some decent money from it, but she hates the thought of her parents reading it. I could never have hidden my blogs from my parents, and they are probably my biggest fans!

But, for all these light-hearted secrets that we grown-ups really should be able to just tell our parents about, some people have some darker ones…

K got pregnant at 24 and didn’t tell her family for ages, despite being in a happy, long-term relationship, and N found out the gender of her baby by accident, thanks to a doctor who didn’t read her notes first and let it slip! She managed to keep it concealed from everyone, and has never told them that she knew.

Don’t think I can hide this much longer…

R arranged to meet her biological dad at the age of 16 without telling her Mum. He turned out to be ‘horrid’; he was on drugs and made threats towards her, so she cut all contact again. She never did tell her Mum or Stepdad. She also reveals that she hid a miscarriage from them eight years ago too.

But my winner for ‘Biggest Secret Keeper’ goes to N, who told me of how she and her husband got married in secret by a guy they found on the internet – almost a year before their big, formal wedding in front of friends and family. Only her brother-in-law and sister-in-law were in on it.  Her family don’t know to this day, and still believe they were witnessing the real wedding!

So, there we have some of our shameful secrets. Do you dare to tell me yours?…

With huge thanks to contributions from the following blogs (in no particular order!):

Mummy of 5 Miracles, Tantrums to Smiles, Scrapbook Blog, Mum’s The Nerd, Newcastle Family Life, Five Little Doves, Where The Heart Is, Blog By BabySoft Thistle Life. You’re all awesome!




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Emma T

Love the new blog look.

These make me feel like I’ve not lived. Not that I want piercings or tattoos anyway. I never really had any secrets that my mum didn’t find out about. Although she might still have been in the dark about my boyfriends in the past and what we got up to. She was very much a no sex before marriage parent, although I did live with my OH before getting married so I presume she lightened up at that stage

Bridie By The Sea

Oh I love this post! I completely know what you mean, how come there are certain things we just don’t tell our parents 😉 Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam xx

Mrs Jibril

I find it so hard to hide such huge secrets #dreamteam


It’s always funny as an adult when things like this come up. There are times that I’m talking with my mom and a story comes out and there’s a “did you know that?” moment.
Thanks for sharing!

Fran Back With A Bump

I had a tattoo at 17 which weirdly my mum agreed to and I had a boob job at 21 which I kept secret, but not that secret and she caught me out by buying me underwear deliberately for my birthday!! #mmbc


oooh what a juicy post revealing all those secrets!! I had a tattoo at 16 ( in some guys bathroom, but it’s okay, I did marry him later!) and I never told my mum. I’ve never had another one though. Another secret was when I was trying to get pregnant from the moment my first partner and I got engaged. I was so desperate for a baby I really didn’t mind getting married while pregnant…it didn’t happen however, and I actually didn’t get pregnant until a year after our wedding! I never told anyone though, not even my first husband.


I must fall into the almost weird category as I have no tatoos. I admire the artwork, but I just couldn’t do it.

We never stop being their children, do we? The hope of pleasing them creeps up without consciously meaning to, but we’re most definitely entitled to a few secrets.I’m sure they keep some too. #MMBC

Catherine @ Story Snug

Wow! That secret wedding is a huge secret to keep. I wonder if she’ll ever spill the beans!!