Ten Top Tips for Slimming World Success

Ten Top Slimming World Tips for Success!

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If you’re following a diet healthy eating plan, such as Slimming World, it can be all too easy to slip into bad habits. This then results in poor losses and even gaining weight again. These plans aren’t difficult; if they were, thousands of people wouldn’t have the success that they do, but it can be easy to stray off the tracks on occasion. I know – I’ve done it enough times! So, given my experience, I’ve put together ten top Slimming World tips for success!



Tip #1: Follow the plan. I know, obvious, right? But, it’s amazing how many people actually don’t follow the plan! Whether it’s on purpose or by accident (I heard about a lady this week who couldn’t understand where her weight gain was coming from, until it was pointed out to her that the 20 prunes she was eating at breakfast time was around 20 syns!), if you don’t follow the plan properly, it won’t work and the only person losing out is you!


Tip #2: Meal plan. You know that saying, ‘fail to plan, plan to fail‘? Well, it’s true. If you plan out your meals each week, it will be much easier to stay on plan. If you have nothing planned for dinner and you get home from work and realise you forgot to get the chicken out of the freezer, or you’ve run out of baking potatoes, it’s too tempting to grab something quick, easy and more than likely full of syns. Like a takeaway.



Tip #3: Prepare in advance. Try to prepare in advance where possible, to prevent the snack attacks happening. Make breakfast the night before so you can just grab and go – Overnight Oats are great for this. Make your lunch while you’re at it so you’re not tempted by big, crusty white bread sarnies or a steak bake when Mandy in the office says she’s popping to Gregg’s on her break. Snacks can be prepared in advance too, so when those late-night munchies hit, you can just grab something you know won’t send you over your syns.


Tip #4: Measure Healthy Extras. I have fallen into the trap of guessing measurements when it comes to milk and cheese in particular. It never ends well. I recently found a fab, cute little bottle to measure out and keep my milk in, which makes it much easier! The Slimming World book tells you to measure your Healthy Extras for a reason. Do it. Oh, and when you grate cheese, don’t pop that last little chunk into your mouth…



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Tip #5: Count your syns. Another easy-to-make mistake is guessing how many syns you’ve had. Either because you don’t know the syn values of the foods you’re eating, or because you’re missing things out. I had a friend who was disappointed with her losses until I pointed out that she wasn’t counting the milk and sugars in the (several cups of) tea she was drinking. All those little things add up! Make sure you check out the syns properly with the food checker on the app, or using the books, and even write them down somewhere or make a note on your phone so that you are totally aware of where you’re up to.


Tip #6: Eat your syns! So many people don’t use their syns in a misguided belief that they won’t lose weight. The syns are part of the plan, and, if you’ve taken note of Tip #1 up there, then you’ll be following the plan properly! I have seen many people in group not lose weight because they’ve effectively been starving themselves of calories and their bodies go into survival mode. Eat the chocolate!


Tip #7: Eat lots of Speed foods: ‘Speed’ foods are low in calories, so these are the foods that you can really pile your plate with. The ‘one-third of a plate’ rule is part of the plan (but remember it’s only where it makes sense!) so we’re back to Tip #1 again… Just remember that whilst the majority of veg is ‘Speed’, not all fruit is. Generally, the sweeter the fruit, the less likely to be ‘Speed’! Double check if you’re not sure. And don’t forget that dried or tinned fruit isn’t free, and if you puree, juice or blitz into a smoothie, you’ll need to syn it.



Tip #8: Drink lots of water. This is one I’m guilty of not doing enough of (she writes, as she goes to fill her glass…). Drinking plenty of water will really boost your losses, mainly because you’ll spend more time in the loo, but every little helps, right?


Tip #9: Change it up! Isn’t it boring to get stuck in a rut with meals? I know I get fed up when it’s spag bol – again. So, whenever I’m feeling like that, I get out my big folder, full of recipes I’ve cut from magazines or printed from websites. The Slimming World site itself has loads of scrummy recipes to have a go at, so go on, be daring and try something different! It’s amazing how a change from the old routine can give your diet a fresh feel!


Tip #10: Remember why you’re doing it. One of the biggest motivators when undertaking any kind of challenge is to remember why you are doing it in the first place. In terms of weight loss, is it because you have a special occasion coming up? A wardrobe full of clothes you can’t squeeze into? Health problems that will be greatly improved if you lose weight? For me, I think of my children. They need me to be around for as long as possible and, the way I was headed, it could have been a lot less. I need to be healthy for them; I need to be able to keep up with them and be ‘fun mum’, not ‘fat mum’. I need to set a good example. And I’m also doing it for me. I need to feel better about myself. Have a think about your motivation and write it down somewhere. If and when you start to flag, read it.



So, there are my top Slimming World tips for great results. I hope they help you. Sometimes, it’s worth going right back to basics if you’re having a rubbish week. Re-read the books, plan your menu and stick to it like a new starter! You’ll soon find the pounds are dropping off again.

Do you have any more Slimming World tips you can share for those tricky times?


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