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Under the Weather? Try some #VicksTricks and Tips!

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I’m taking part in the #VicksTricks challenge and it couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time as we battle the bugs in our house! We’ve all managed to catch the nasty cough/cold virus that’s doing the rounds at the moment and we’re all feeling under the weather! But, trusty family favourite Vicks is helping to make life a little more bearable!

#VicksTricks kit

I remember whenever I was poorly when little, it meant a day snuggled under a duvet on the sofa, and that’s pretty much all my kids want to do too. I have memories of my cuddling up to my mum, who made sure that I got plenty of rest in between watching a bit of telly. She also used to make me a ‘television’ using an old cardboard box and a roll of paper, which I would draw pictures on and then scroll across the ‘screen’! We did lots of drawing and reading too.

Nowadays my kids want to play on their tablets and watch Paw Patrol (Small) or a film (Big) and, whilst I let them do this for a while, I try to ensure they take long breaks from the screens too so that they’re not overstimulated, giving their immune systems a rest.

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So, what sort of things keep us occupied when we’re feeling under the weather?

Once the initial lethargy has worn off and their starting to get a little bored of resting, we like to make a den in the living room! Sometimes we use a pop-up tent, sometimes we use good old-fashioned chairs and blankets. Then, with the addition of plenty of duvets and pillows, we have a cosy retreat where we can can read books together, or do some colouring, or just lie back with some gentle music on. This gives the children some gentle stimulation but also ensures they don’t overdo it.

And then, once we’re feeling a little brighter, we wrap up warm and go for a short walk in the woods or over to the duck pond near our house. A burst of fresh air and a gentle walk makes us feel invigorated again!

What are popular home remedies to try when the kids are under the weather?

Vicks asked parents what kinds of things they try when their children are feeling poorly. Over half (52%) said that rest is the most important thing to help them feel better. 40% of parents rely on some sort of medicine and more than a third (36%) believe that good old TLC is all you need.

I try not to use medicine too much, although a dose of children’s paracetamol when they’re really suffering is usually in order. I do rub a little Vicks VapoRub on their chests to help them breathe more easily if they’re bunged up; this really distresses Small in particular as she can’t blow her own nose yet. I also find smothering the soles of their feet in Vicks VapoRub, then popping on a pair of socks before they go to bed can really help coughs; it’s like magic!

Speaking of magic, have you ever thought about trying out a few tricks to entertain your own little ones when they’re feeling poorly? A home magic show could be just the thing to make them smile. Vicks have put together some short videos demonstrating some simple (but effective!) tricks that you can try on your kids, like the one below.

Vicks isn’t just for kids though! Vicks VapoRub has so many uses, and there are other items in the range, such as Sinex spray and Vicks First Defence, which can help mums and dads stay fighting fit and stop colds in their tracks before they really take hold! Coupled with my favourite home remedy of honey and lemon in hot water, we might have a fighting chance next time the bugs try to invade!

#VicksTricks Vicks First Defence

But for me, nothing beats lots of rest and cuddles with mum and dad when my kids are under the weather. What kind of tricks do you use to keep your children entertained while they’re fighting coughs and colds?

This is my entry for the #VicksTricks challenge in association with Vicks and BritMums. As a ‘thank you’ for taking part, we were sent some goodies, including a story book, some finger puppets to tell our own stories and some Vicks First Defence to try. 


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Kate Holmes

Still love a duvet on the sofa. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

Jenny @ thebrickcastle

My sister and I used to make those tellys!! It was such fun. Obviously we didn’t have the screens that our kids have today, and when I was little the TV didn’t start until 2pm 😀