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Kenwood Elite Chef XL – Valentine’s Gifting Challenge with AO

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This is a collaborative post with AO.


Nothing says ‘love’ like a kitchen appliance, right?! No? I’m sure there are plenty of women out there who would go ballistic at their other halves if they were given a new toaster or fridge as a gift on Valentine’s Day. Not me. I love a new gadget and would much rather receive something I’d find useful than flowers which, although beautiful, will die within a week.


So, when Victoria from Starlight and Stories nominated me to take part in AO’s Valentine’s gift swap, I was a teeny bit excited! The idea would be that she would choose a gift for me, and I would choose something for her in return, then the lovely people at AO would send them out to us!


Kenwood Elite Chef XL mixer from AO - review #ad


I received an email at the weekend to say that my AO delivery would arrive that day – I still had no idea of what Victoria had chosen. A little later, a text arrived from the delivery company telling me to expect my parcel just before lunchtime. That’s it, kids, plans are on hold while I wait to find out my surprise!


Eventually, at around 11.30am, the doorbell rang and I opened the door to a delivery guy and a very large box.  And, inside the box was…. this!



Isn’t it a thing of beauty?! Victoria must have noticed my baking posts and the fact I’m always mixing by hand! This is my new toy – the Kenwood Chef XL Elite stand mixer! And I am in love already…



It’s finished in a lovely brushed silver, with a wonderful, huge 6.7-litre bowl, which is going to make mixing cake batter and cookie dough an absolute breeze.


It has 1400w power, and variable speeds, including a full-power pulse. It comes with whisk, K-beater and bread hook attachments, so making my own bread is definitely next on my list to try! It also has a splash guard, which will come in useful, I’m sure.



Tink and I tested it out by making some salted Nutella cookies and it was brilliant! I was able to properly cream the butter and sugar using the k-beater, and it handled the rest of the ingredients with ease too, making perfect cookie dough!



I just know I’m going to get so much use out of the Kenwood Chef XL Elite and I have so many more recipes I want to try: pasta, bread, macarons, meringue…  So, thanks to Victoria for her thoughtful gift this Valentine’s Day – don’t tell The Hubby, but I’m sure it’ll beat hands down whatever he’s planning on giving me! Perhaps I can persuade him to buy me a couple of the accessories to go with the Kenwood Elite Chef XL, so I can chop, mince, dice, juice and so much more!


Love really is in the air – I love my surprise gadget – thank you Victoria! Pop on over to Starlight and Stories to see what Victoria was gifted!




Disclosure: I was gifted the Kenwood Elite Chef XL mixer in return for this post and a brief review. All views are my own. More in my disclosure policy here!




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