the view from my office today

The View From My Office Today! How I Created My Own Mobile Work Space

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I have been toying with the idea of trying to make some money from my blog for a while and, while I still lack the confidence to really go for it, The Hubby has been most encouraging (although I think it’s just that he wants me to start earning my own money again so I stop spending so much of his!). I told him that to do it properly, I need a space to write and that’s when he came up with the genius idea of turning our (huge) car into a mobile office!

view from my office today Sutton Park

Today’s view, as I’m writing this post!

We bought our car, a Chrysler Grand Voyager, which we named ‘The Beast’, last summer, with the intention of using it as a sort of camper van; the seats in the back all fold into the floor, leaving a space big enough in which two of us can sleep. The other two sleep in the tent. It’s great. We tested it out in August, with a road trip to Penzance and had a fantastic time!

So, we already know it’s versatile, but when The Hubby suggested we pimp it up into an office, I was sold!

With the addition of a throw, a rug, a huge, squishy soft cushion, some home-made curtains, some funky lights and a fake pot plant, my new creative space was born!

It’s unbelievably comfy, but the best part is that I can go anywhere to work – I’m no longer confined to my house! I have a laptop, a mobile wifi device, my phone… I bring a flask of tea, a packed lunch and my slippers (no, really!) and I’m all set for the day. I park up somewhere with a nice view, draw the curtains at the back for a little privacy and away I go! Fab! And, even if I don’t fancy going anywhere, I can just sit on my drive (where I can still access the wifi from the house – bonus!) and it’s nice and peaceful, my own little haven of tranquility.

So, now I don’t have to be a work-from-home mum if I don’t want to – I can be a work-from-wherever-the-feeling-takes-me kind of mum! I’m going to try to do a bit of a feature, maybe on Facebook/Twitter called ‘The View From My Office Today’! Keep a look out for it!

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Debs A
Kelly, I am in serious awe of this! I have a beast of a car too and this could work so well for me. A few questions, are you using the back two seats and then using the middle row as a desk? Or are you using the middle row? Where do you store the stuff when you need all the seats? I hate sitting in our office at home, it has quickly become a chore to sit indoors. I do use our caravan sometimes to work from, just for a change of scenery but sometimes I just want to… Read more »
Julie Clarke

I’m considering tarting up our garage this year as a place for my blogging, sewing machine etc 😛 Love your mobile office, I’mm gonna ask Mike to upgrade my car lol