The Weekly Wednesday Photo #19

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This week I want to share a photo of me and my friend Julie.

It’s not a flattering picture of me (what is my mouth doing?!) and I suspect Julie won’t be overly happy that I’ve shared it. But sorrynotsorry, because this photo documents the first time Julie and I met in real life, just a few days ago.



Julie and I have known each other for a couple of years now, but only online. Both of our daughters are on the autism spectrum and we both have blogs and pages on Facebook which share the highs and lows of life with autism.

Julie’s daughter is a few years older than Small, (or Tink, as she’s known on my other blog!) and it’s been fantastic to see the progress she’s made over the last couple of years despite challenges and school issues. It gives me a lot of hope for Small’s future.



And Julie has been a fantastic friend; she listens to me moan, gives me advice (as well as access to her Twinkl account!) and is totally obsessed with Harry Potter, Benedict Cumberbatch and Queen. I hope that I’ve been half as good a friend to her too.

So, meeting her for the first time was pretty special, and she was just as I knew she would be!

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that your online friends aren’t ‘real’ friends. There are people I’ve met through the interwebs that know me better than any of my ‘real life’ friends and I consider them just as valid, if not more so!

You can learn more about autism, girls with autism and more at Living With Blooming Autism and It’s a Tink Thing.

Do you have online friends you’ve never met?

You can join in with the Weekly Wednesday Photo over on Instagram, using the hashtag #WeeklyWednesdayPhotoSRS – I’d love to see your fave photo from the last week!

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Julie Clarke

There’s a bit more dust in my eye!!! What a week. It was amazing to meet you at last and I hope we do it again soon (Spa day, wine…. lol). So happy to see the girls getting on and playing having only just met. You are awesome and so are your beautiful children. You have been an amazing friend the last few years and I am sure we will be growing old together both online and in real life. I think of you often, especially when I enter B&M or Primani LOL xxxxx