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The Weekly Wednesday Photo #3 – What’s The Motto With You?

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This week’s photo comes to you courtesy of my newly decorated kitchen

I love an inspiring quote, and I think this is probably our family motto now. I know wall stickers are probably a bit 2015, but I’ve had this one for ages after spotting it in B&M. I just needed some freshly painted wall to put it on. The kitchen seemed like a good place, as it’s one room we spend time in all together. It’s annoying me that it’s ever so slightly wonky, but I guess that kind of sums us up: trying our best but not quite perfect!

I have a couple of other mottos that I remind myself of often:

I don’t regret anything if I can help it. I’ve had some pretty crappy things happen and made some really bad choices, but I think that I have to use those as a learning experience rather than wonder what might have been. It leads me on to my other personal motto…

I have to believe this, so that when the crappy things happen, I don’t wallow too much, wondering “why me?”

Do you have any life quotes, mottos or words of inspiration that you live by? Share them with me!

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