The Weekly Wednesday Photo #5 Watching Them Grow

The Weekly Wednesday Photo #5 – Watching Them Grow

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This week, my Weekly Wednesday Photo is a quick snap I took of my kitchen wall.

Weekly Wednesday Photo #5 - Watching Them Grow

This part of the wall is where we’ve measured the children as they’ve grown. We make them stand, heels back, head up, then mark off on the wall where the top of their head is. We’ve been doing it since Big was about one and a half (according to the dates). You can also see where one of them (not sure which!) got hold of a biro and thought they’d add their own comments…

As you may have seen, we have had a revamp of the kitchen, and we’ve finally decorated. I suddenly realised that this would mean the measuring wall would be ruined! All those measurements and memories! The documentation of the passing of time, of our children growing up. I’ve loved making the new mark each time, to see how much they’ve grown and to compare each other at similar ages.

So, I made a note of most of the measurements (some were faded into obscurity) and my plan is to recreate the measuring wall once again, so we can carry on. Not quite the same, but at least it’s not gone completely.

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