The Weekly Weigh In – Week 3 – Plus Free Meal Recipe!

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Weigh in day today! Here’s how I got on…

Week: 3

Loss: 2lbs

Total to date: 9lbs

A good week! It’s been a tricky one; The Hubby was away Friday and Saturday nights, and I never feel like cooking when he’s not here. But, I did the kids and me a chilli con carne on Friday, which I had with a jacket potato and salad. On Saturday, I’d planned to have another jacket, with ham and salad, but when I came to make it, I only had one teeny potato left! And the mix I use for my coleslaw had gone a bit soggy, so I ended up having leftover chilli on my spud again!

Apart from that little blip (still on plan, just not what I’d planned!), we had some nice meals. One of our favourites is a recipe I adapted from a book by a certain TV chef I’ve had issues with recently! Check it out below.

Salmon in Tomato, Thyme and Garlic Sauce

Salmon Slimming World Recipe

I also discovered I had a small bottle of Black Tower Red wine lurking in my wine rack, and it’s only 4 syns per 125ml. It’s not a huge drink, but it wasn’t too bad for a little treat at the end of a long weekend!

Slimming World Recipe Salmon Tomato Sauce

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