The Weekly Weigh In Returns! Week 18

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Week: 18

Gain: 3.5lbs

Total to date: 20lbs

Well, I bit the bullet and dragged my sorry, slightly larger backside back to group this week. After three weeks or so of feeling rubbish and eating badly, I couldn’t take any more. I could feel all the hard work I’d put in slipping away and I felt bloody horrible too!

Eating junk is satisfying at the time, but that satisfaction doesn’t last long, does it? I’d forgotten how sluggish and tired not eating plenty of fresh fruit and veg makes me feel!

So, I grabbed my book and went back to face the music.

Surprisingly, I’d only put on 3.5lbs. Not too bad. I’m aiming to lose it again this week!



I stocked up on HiFi bars and the new Slimming World magazine and I’m ready and raring to go again!

Favourite meal so far this week (and it is only Tuesday!) was my usual fruity breakfast – the first in a while after eating sugary cereal for days!



So, I’m looking forward to a good week and I hope I see a decent result next week!

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