The Weekly Weigh In – Week 13

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Week: 13

Loss: 1lb

Total to date: 21lbs

I’ve had a fairly good week, and mostly stuck to my meal plan, with a few tweaks here and there. Planning is great – in fact, it’s pretty essential, but it’s important to remember the ability to be flexible when you need to be!

I’m a little disappointed with just a one pound loss, but it’s a stone and a half in total, which isn’t bad since the start of June! It was our wedding anniversary this weekend, so I did have some celebratory wine that was a little over my syns allowance, but I think it’s allowed now and again for special occasions!

My favourite meal this week was actually not at home, but at a party at a friend’s house. A group of us all chipped in with bits of food and, as three of us are Food Optimising, there were plenty of healthy choices. There were also crisps, pizza and chicken poppers, but those were for the kids and I managed to resist! I even resisted the delicious-looking chocolate cake and had a delicious bowl of strawberries with meringue and fat-free yoghurt instead!

This week’s going to be a bit tricky, as we’re on ‘the-week-before-payday’ rations – i.e., whatever we can find in the freezer and cupboards, so I’ll have to manage as best as I can! However, I am planning to start each day with hot water and lemon instead of a cuppa, so that will help give me a boost and up my water intake too. Plus, I’m hoping the kids being back at school will help, as I can crack on with work and housework that desperately needs doing now they’re out of the way!

If you need help with planning your meals, sign up to my School Runs Shopping List and I’ll send you my FREE printable blank meal planner. Use it to plan out your weekly food and it’s easier to see where you can make changes!

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