The Weekly Weigh In – Week 16

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Week: 16

Loss: ?? (Gain, more like!)

Total to date: 23.5lbs

Boooohooooo! A terrible week!

I didn’t even go to weigh in as I just know that I’ve gained horribly and couldn’t face it. I also know that I shouldn’t hide from it, but, in my defence, I’m not well, have no-one to look after the kids and just can’t do it!

Whenever I get a cold I get a bad chest. Whenever I feel like this, I don’t feel like eating fruit and salad – I just want stodge! Toast and biscuits and crisps and all the things I shouldn’t be eating so much of.

So yes, I might have had a McDonald’s and a takeaway curry this week, because I haven’t felt much like cooking, let alone eating healthily. And I feel terrible for it.



But, enough wallowing in self-loathing and pity!


It’s a new week and, despite feeling worse than ever, I am determined to go back to weigh in next week not only having lost what I’ve inevitably gained this week, but a bit more to boot. Meals are planned, there’s a Smoky Pork Casserole in the slow cooker and I’m on it! Really, I am!..


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