Why I’m Looking Forward to Spring in the Garden!

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Ooh, I do love spring! I love the feeling of ‘newness’; the new leaves and buds on the trees, the daffodils popping with bright yellow along grass verges, crocuses poking up through the ground in bursts of purples and whites… It’s as though nature is waking up after its winter slumber, and it’s a breath of fresh air. Spring arriving makes me want to get outside more, especially with the kids, who love being outdoors and running around the park and woods. We start to spend a lot more time in the garden too; Tink loves being out there.


durable garden furniture slide swing in garden

It certainly aint pretty!


I have to make the most of the flowers I see out and about, as there aren’t any in my garden! (We don’t count daisies and dandelions, do we?) I don’t have green fingers at all, and trying to keep a beautiful garden full of gorgeous plants and flowers with my kids would be an absolute waste of time. Tink would dig them up again, or pull off the petals and leaves, and H would probably ruin them with footballs!



However, this year, I really want to try and at least tidy the garden, and make it a nice place to be when we do eventually get some pleasant weather.


We’ve never really touched it in the 13 years we’ve lived here, other than mowing the grass (I say ‘grass’, but I’m sure it’s more weeds!) and adding Tink’s climbing frame and the trampoline (RIP – it couldn’t withstand this year’s winds!). It’s a functional garden, but not pretty. I really want to be able to sit out on the patio in the sun while the kids run around in the summer, so it’s going to need some TLC in the next few weeks!


And, once we’ve tidied it up, been to the tip with all the junk we seem to dump out there, and fixed the cracked patio, we’ll need to buy some nice, durable garden furniture and pretty solar lights to make it feel welcoming; I’ve spotted some great gardening deals to look through! I’d love to have some big tubs with some pretty, colourful wild flowers growing, and I really want to start a veg patch with H, as a home ed project, incorporating science as well as learning about being self-sufficient. I also want to make a patch for Tink to dig in, to stop her from digging holes in the ‘lawn’! I might even make a little sensory garden for her, with some lavender, herbs such as rosemary and sage and some wind chimes.



I’m getting excited about how nice our garden could look by the summer! It will be lovely to sit outside with H while we work during the day, and to be able to eat our evening meals out there once more. And then, once the kids are in bed, The Hubby and I can sit with a glass of wine and watch the sun go down. Perfect!


What’s your garden like? Is it functional like mine, and more for the kids, or have you managed to make it beautiful and relaxing for you?




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Sophie Gillum-Webb

I am so ready for Spring I love spending time in the garden it’s my happy place!

Joanna Bayford

We love being outside I’m looking forward to the warmer weather when we can be outside all day.

Lisa Jane

Me too!! Roll on spring and planting veggies:)


Just need some warmer weather 😉


I am probably the least green fingered person that you will ever meet. Seriously, we couldnt even keep grass alive. Last year we actually switched to astroturf. Out garden now resembles Teletubbie land but at least we can’t kill it 😂