What will be your word for 2018?

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Happy New Year!


2018 is here (already - how did that happen?!). How are you feeling right now? Hopeful? Energised? Hungover...?


However you're feeling, the new year is as good a time as any to make changes, cast off old baggage (people??) and look to the future and how we can shape it.


Every year, I choose a word that I hope will guide me through the year ahead. (In 2006, I chose 'create', and made a baby, so that went well!). For 2018, I have chosen, 'confidence'.  


Confidence is something I lack a lot of in many areas of my life, and it's holding me back from things I want to achieve or experience. 


Well, no more! This is the year I take life by the balls and swing it around with abandon (um... ouch!)! It's mine for the taking...


So, how about it? What's your word going to be? 


Make it a good one, and have a brilliant 2018!


The Monday Motivation Linky is back for a new year! 


This week, Debs is hosting, so make sure you pop over to Chaos in Kent to see what she's written (she's very excited to be the first host of 2018 and on New Year's Day too!)


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Siena Says

Hmm a word for 2018, I guess mine will be belief. I suffer with a lot of self-doubt and I think that this is the year I will have belief! Confidence is always a good one too. It’s amazing how many of us women lack in that area and we are all brilliant!! #thesatsesh

The Queen of Collage

Haha you did have me giggling there. Yes create did work out well. #thesatsesh

Digital Motherhood

Great choice on your word for the year! I haven’t picked one, will have to give it some thought…. #MMBC


#thesatsesh hmmm im not sure I could pick a word for all my goals…so lets go with abundance 🙂 Thanks for joining us again ,lovely to have you.


What an excellent idea to have a word for the year, mine has been “feet” for too long, next year’s will be a positive one! #TheMMLinky

Claire Saul (PainPalsBlog)

My word is “Pace”- this something I’m not very good at doing having always lived life at break neck speed. You know…3 kids, working as nursing sister, running school PTA, always hosting the mums’ and kids parties here etc etc….so as chronic illness has slowed me down I have had to give up masses, and am really not very good at pacing and allowing myself to sit down for recovery. Very difficult to just sit!! Thank you for a great link up party and Happy New Year #MMLinky xxx


Good luck, confidence is a good thing to have plenty of. Happy New Year x

Liberty on the Lighter Side - (LoLS)

I definitely could do with a bit more confidence too, especially with my blog at the moment. All the best for 2018 and I hope you find ways to boost those confidence levels.

Amy - All about a Mummy

Push is my word. To push myself further in all aspects of my life.

Stephs Two Girls

Love your word choice, am slightly gutted you’ve beaten me to it. Mine is going to have to be STRONG then. Strong in my one and only (ever) resolution! Happy New Year to you and yours x #TheMMLinky